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Sprawl Guide is designed to familiarize you with key issues associated with urban sprawl, and direct you to some of the wealth of information available online.

Peace Roots Alliance - Tennessee's Farm Community, started as a community of peace some thirty years ago, has created a new Peace Roots Alliance Web site. While the site is still under construction and doesn't have a lot on it yet, it would be a good place to bookmark for future visits. In a world marked by wars, it's nice to hear a voice for peace. You should also visit the Farm Community's Peace page for a great collection of quotes about peace, as well as lists of organizations and information on peace throughout history. Like the man said, "Give peace a chance."

  • Action For Agriculture - an organization of individuals who are concerned with maintaining a public awareness of agriculture in Alberta's municipalities.
  • Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program
  • AgSafe - a nonprofit coalition of individuals, groups and organizations with the shared mission of the prevention of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities among those working in agriculture.
  • Alberta Farm Animal Care Association - promotes responsible, humane animal care within the livestock industry; Engages in discussion with the public about today's animal agriculture; Monitors and participates in issues and legislation that affect animal care; Encourages research relevant to animal care.
  • Block Parent Program Of Canada - A registered charity and Canada's largest volunteer-run child safety organization. Over 500,000 volunteers from coast to coast help to make communities safer for everyone.
  • Canadian Council on Social Development - National, non-profit organization which focuses on issues of social and economic security.
  • Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce - Business association specializing in public policy advocacy on business issues. Describes the organization and its aims with information about policies, memberships and current issues.
  • Canadian Circumpolar Institute The primary function of the institute is to promote and support research on northern Canada and other circumpolar nations. Community-based programs, cooperative efforts, adaptive management, and sustainable development are central themes for research.
  • Canadian Civil Liberties Association
  • Canadian Nuclear Association - Founded in 1960, to "promote the orderly and sound development of nuclear energy in Canada and abroad for the purposes other than those related to armament". Site contains information about nuclear power and climate change, as well as links to members and publications.
  • Canadian Rural Partnership is the key policy framework supporting federal rural policy efforts to date. It is funded by $20 million over four years (1998 - 2002), and built around the Federal Framework for Action priorities. The Partnership is about operating within the federal government to ensure that federal programs, policies and activities provide support to rural communities.
  • C.D. Howe Institute
  • Coastal Communities Network - a volunteer association of organizations that endeavours to provide a forum to encourage dialogue, share information, and create strategies and actions that promote the survival and development of Nova Scotia's coastal and rural communities.
  • Conference Board of Canada
  • Council of Canadians
  • CSA International Services - Canadian Standards Association deals with standards development and their application through product certification, management systems registration, and information products.
  • David Suzuki Foundation - an organization devoted to finding solutions to local and global ecological problems, with information on the issues they are concerned with and actions one can take.
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Awarded by Prince Philip to outstanding young Canadians.
  • Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO) - An independent, non-profit, association engaged in economic development, assisting and fostering economic prosperity within Ontario municipalities.
  • Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario - An organization of over 14,000 members throughout the province, it provides rural women the opportunity to work together to improve living conditions for their families, their communities and the world. Association of Canadian Clubs
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development - advances policy recommendations on international trade and investment, economic policy, climate change, measurement and indicators, and natural resource management to make development sustainable.
  • Land Stewardship Resource Centre The centre is an electronic clearinghouse and free educational referral service. It provides resources, including information on programs and agencies, related to conservation practices, waste and water management, and sustainability.
  • MADD Canada - Mothers Against Drunk Driving - Mission is to stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime
  • National Quality Institute - A not-for-profit organization that provides strategic focus and direction for Canadian organizations to achieve excellence. Provides online information on applying and qualifying for the "Canada Award for Excellence".
  • Natural Step Canada - an international non-profit organization in twelve different countries that uses a science-based, systems framework to help organizations, individuals and communities take steps towards sustainability.
  • New Rural Economy Project With the help of funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, 15 university researchers are joining with rural people and policy makers to help build capacity in rural Canada.
  • Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association (ORMTA) - is a not-for-profit provincial organization comprised of more than 1,300 Registered Music Teachers, affiliated with national association, the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations (CFMTA).
  • Ontario Rural Routes
  • Partnership for Public Lands - dedicated to protecting wilderness in Ontario
  • People & Planet Friendly - bringing people together over ideas that matter! Peace, environment, sustainable living, food, community, communication, democracy, human rights, events, resources, and jobs
  • Pitch-In Canada - Non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning up the world.
  • Promotional Assistance for Manitoba Food and Agricultural Products - Programs & Services
  • Right to Quiet - Vancouver-based nonprofit society working to advocate the value, benefits, and difficulties in obtaining quiet.
  • Rural Communities Impacting Policy Funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council the purpose of this project is to increase the ability of rural communities and organizations in Nova Scotia to access and use social science research in order to influence and develop policy that contributes to the health and sustainability of communities.
  • Rural & Small Town Program
  • Rural/Urban Expansion Patterns (StatsCan)
  • Rural Tackle Box The tackle box provides links to practical tools, and information to help rural Nova Scotians in influencing and developing policy that contributes to the health and sustainability of their communities. Provided by Rural Communities Impacting Policy.
  • Sustainable Development Industry Canada is committed to promoting sustainable development as part of our mandate to create a more productive, competitive, knowledge-based economy, as a means to reflect Canadians' priorities of strong economic growth and enhanced quality of life.
  • Sustainable Farming Connection - an interactive website started by two former editors of The New Farm magazine "where farmers and others forging more sustainable food systems can find and share valuable information", including reports on production and marketing innovations, commentary by rural writers, action alerts, and a forum.
  • The Fraser Institute
  • The New Farm - farmer-to-farmer know-how from the Rodale Institute This web-site reaches a global community of food producers to exchange valuable “farmer-to-farmer know-how” and presents compelling success stories with expert resources for crop and livestock production, direct marketing, local food systems, policy campaigns and community-building collaborations.
  • Telecommunities Canada - Represents and promotes Canadian community networking movement at the national and international level.
  • World Wildlife Fund - see this organization's website for their extensive list of links and, in particular, their new "Pesticide Reducion is Possible!" feature: just click on the ladybug near the top of the page.

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